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New ways to present and discuss images in Basecamp

Posted on March 21, 2014

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Today we're excited to launch 4 major upgrades to images that will make it easier for you to share and discuss creative work in Basecamp.

1. Present ideas with clarity by inserting images within the text of your message
Attachments are great, but a lot of the time you need the image you're talking about to show up alongside the text you're using to present it. Now you can insert images at any point within your messages or comments. Adding a single image or a set of images will feel familiar and easy—it works just like attachments.

2. Give and get specific feedback by commenting on individual images
You've seen comments like this before: "love the color in ldr-horiz-v4c.jpg, but not so sure about...". Starting today you can skip referencing an image by it's filename and just click "Comment on this image..." instead. When you post a comment everyone will see which image you're talking about right beside your comments.

We've also gone ahead and numbered every image in a discussion, so when you do want to reference an image mid-comment you can talk about #11 instead of "Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 08:31 AM".

3. Provide extra context by adding a note to an image
Sometimes it'd be so handy to just put a sticky with a note on one of the images you've added to Basecamp. The next time you add an image to a message or comment you'll see a spot to jot down a brief note that we'll throw on a sticky for your whole team to see.

4. Let your teammates decide with you by picking their favorite image in a set
Getting a read on who likes what can be tricky, but gathering a quick tally of everyone's favorite option should be a breeze from now on. Just upload your images, and mark them as a set for comparison. Your teammates will see all the options together in a grid where they can make their pick. When one image is the majority leader, it'll be marked as the top pick and highlighted in gold.

With these updates, you'll find Basecamp is better than ever for presenting creative work to your team and gathering their feedback.

Happy Basecamping!

Conor Muirhead
Designer at Basecamp (fingers crossed)