Hi Jason,

I believe that people connecting and communicating is the foundation of any successful endeavor. At Basecamp you help people communicate—heck, you’ve helped me communicate! I’m a great designer, and Basecamp is a great company. We’d do incredible work together.

Why Basecamp?

I’m a passionate customer. Everything has been smoother when I’ve used Basecamp for a project. I stop stressing about remembering everything, the whole team stays informed and connected, and stuff just gets done quicker. I’m constantly recommending that the people around me give Basecamp a try.

Your team’s words resonate with me. When I read about the ways you and your team think and work, I consistently find myself nodding in agreement. I know you guys haven’t figured out everything, but clearly you have figured out a lot.

You’ve got a team that I trust. I’ve experienced the difference between working with people I trust and those I don’t. It’s night and day, and I prefer working in the light.

You’re just getting started. Wow, Basecamp is 10 years old. Most everyone that knows of Basecamp considers your company a wild success, yet it’s as if you’ve just finished the first lap. I want to race the rest of the laps, and take every turn with you.

You help a ton of people. I find satisfaction in creating something that helps even one person. I can only imagine how rewarding it must be to help the millions of people that Basecamp does every day. I want to be a part of the difference you’re making in the world.

I do things that scare me. I’ve just gotta say, applying for this job scares me for two reasons: 1) what if I don’t get it, and 2) what if I do? You have an all-star team I admire and look up to, millions of people use and love your products, and scores of designers dream of working with you. I’m sure a lot of designers will apply, and I know only one of us will make it. Altogether that’s intimidating. The thing is, my gut tells me we’re right for each other, that at Basecamp we’ll be doing our best work yet.

And why me?

I immerse myself. Some people want to limit their involvement to “visual”, “UX”, “front-end”, or “big picture.” I jump in and get my hands dirty with every aspect of what I’m creating—what it should do, how it reads, how it looks, and how it's assembled. I think, write, code, and style.

I hear people. People are saying so much more than what they actually say. I hear that stuff, even when it’s raw or scattered. I take it all in, distill it, and then do something about it.

I help people. People aren’t using software because they woke up with a sudden urge to. They’re using it because they have a life, a family, a job, and things they need to get done. I help people do whatever it is they’re hiring my software to get done.

I make people smile. There’s few things more satisfying than going the extra mile. I push past the necessary, and do what’s delightful.

I cheer and I check. I holler and whoop for my team. I grab hold and push with them. I call them on their crap, and I expect them to call me on mine. We’re in it together.


“I know very few like Conor who has both an unparalleled passion and understanding of UX, mixed with raw and increasingly growing talent for code.”

Jasen Lew, Entrepreneur in Residence at Medallia


“Conor is able to facilitate the process of pulling out of the team the diverging ideas and perspectives, and methodically helping converge those ideas into a solution.”

“He raises the bar for other designers to reach and provides mentoring to help them do so. He makes the team better.”

Jared Hawkins, Lead Designer at Medallia


“Working with Conor always reminds me that we are making software for people—living, breathing, caring people who just happen to have things that need to get done. Conor’s designs fulfill people’s needs (and often make people smile while they’re at it.)”

Mickey Reiss, Product Engineer at Venmo

I promise you...

  1. Passion: I’ll put my heart and soul into my work.
  2. Humility: I’ll strive to have an approach without presumption.
  3. Growth: I’ll learn, experiment, rinse and repeat.

Thank you for your time. I’m excited to see what’s next.

–Conor Muirhead

  Picture of me

Things I've made.

Below are screenshots of interfaces I’ve designed and built. I've linked as many as possible so you can find out more, but a few of these projects aren’t publicly accessible right now.

Scrimped   BeKatelyn
Caleb Acuity   YOU can CODE
Medallia Launchpad   Redacted
Redacted   Redacted
SimpleGrid   Redacted
KitchAssist   Sun Couriers
Early Made - Freelancing Site   Personal Site

A quick personal note.

I’m passionate about other areas of life too. I’m married to Katie, and we have two little rays of sunshine in our life—Holly and Greta. When I’m not spending time with family, working at Medallia, or fiddling with a fun side project, you’ll probably find me geeking out about CrossFit.